Focus On The Four State – Joplin City Council Elections June 2nd, 2020

Interviewees were asked to introduce themselves to voters. Interviews include questions such as why they are running for the city council and what they hoped to get accomplished if elected. If there was anything, they would change how Joplin city government operates, and if so, what would they change? Finally, candidates were asked to provide their best pitch to why Joplin residents should vote for them.

Residents citywide can cast votes in both zone 2 and zone 3 races. In addition to four and two general seat elections.

Zone 2 Candidates Four-Year Term One Candidate Elected

Jim Scott

Harvey Hutchinson

Charles Copple

Zone 3 Candidates Four-Year Term

Phil Stinnett

Steve Urie

General Seat Two-Year Term

Josh Shackles

Anthony Monteleone

General Seat Four-Year Term Two Candidates Elected

Shawn Ackerson

Christina Williams

Josh Bard

Keenan Cortez (did not respond to interview requests)

Joplin city elections will be held on Tuesday June 2, 2020. This link to will take you directly to the cities election page, including voting maps and polling places.