Democratic US Senate Candidate Barbara Bollier Visits SE Kansas

It’s Morning Edition on KRPS. We are in the midst of a political season like no other in Kansas. Consider this. Every house and state senate seat is up for grabs in the Kansas Legislature. All four seats congressional seats too. Races also include one for the US Senate, pitting First District Republican Congressman Dr. Rodger Marshall, […]

Covid Cases In Joplin Rise Nearly 200% Since End Of Mask Mandate

On Monday, the city of Joplin held their bi-weekly COVID-19 update as the number of active cases continues to increase. This Thursday will mark the one-month anniversary of the mask mandate in Joplin not being extended by the Joplin city council. Over the weekend, the health department recorded a record level of cases with 197, […]

‘The Rundown’ News Headlines From KRPS for 09.15.20

Happy Tuesday, and thanks for joining me for The Rundown, news headlines from K R P S  Kansas is approaching 50 thousand coronavirus cases overall, with a consistent pace of new positives. More than two-thirds of Kansans believe that global warming is happening, according to the latest survey from the Yale Program on Climate Change […]

‘The Rundown’ News Headlines from KRPS

Happy Monday, and thanks for joining me for The Rundown, news headlines from K R P S  Republicans agreed Friday to extend the Kansas coronavirus disaster declaration after assurances that Democratic Governor Laura Kelly would not close businesses again. For the second time in nearly three months, an official with the Crawford County Health Department […]

Don’t Recognize That Text? Scammers Are Using Texts To Get Your Info

As texting has become an immediate source of communication for many of us, scammers have started to use the method more frequently in order for you to send them money for fake products or services or even to install malware on your phone. Usually, a scammer sends a text with a web link that looks […]

‘The Rundown’ News Headlines from KRPS for 09.11.20

Happy Friday, and thanks for joining me for The Rundown, news headlines from K R P S  The Chiefs beat the Houston Texans 34 to 20 last night at Arrowhead Stadium in the NFL’s season opener. Kansas Governor Laura Kelly told a congressional hearing Thursday that states need more help responding to the coronavirus. The […]

The Future Of Classes At PSU with Provost Dr. Howard Smith

 For the first time this week the state of Kansas released the names and locations of coronavirus clusters throughout the state. The document produced by KDHE listed 78 locations, included eight colleges and universities, such as Pittsburg State that has at least 100 cases. In response the university has shifted many of its classes online.  On Wednesday afternoon I spoke with Dr. Howard Smith, the Provost and Vice […]

Trump edge softening in Missouri, what kind of effect will that have on the Governor’s race?

There are now 55 days before the Presidential election, and voters in Missouri will also elect a Governor. Missouri Governor Mike Parson and State Auditor Nicole Galloway have been officially on the campaign trail for about a year. The topics of the campaign are tremendously different than they were 12 months ago because of the […]

With COVID,Census,Elections taking place this year scammers are taking advantage

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers to be on the lookout for scams concerning senior citizens and the coronavirus. A lot is going on this year; between the pandemic, a national election, and the US census taking place, scammers have more opportunities to try and lure people and get your credit card or bank […]

‘The Rundown’ News Headlines From KRPS for 09.10.20

Happy Thursday, and thanks for joining me for The Rundown, news headlines from K R P S  Kansas has seen an increase of 500 coronavirus cases and 10 deaths since Monday. Kansas Education Commissioner Randy Watson says students and teachers in districts that have resumed face-to-face learning are already testing positive for coronavirus, forcing classmates […]