Joplin Arts District holds final Art Walk of season tonight, held dedication Wednesday for new Spiva sign

Spiva Sign

1000’s drive past the intersection of 4th and Main Street in downtown Joplin daily, unaware of the history they’re passing by. On Wednesday, a dedication ceremony was held by the Joplin Art District to mark the installation of a new sign at Spiva Park.

Joplin Mayor Doug Lawson was on hand, in addition to family members of George A. Spiva and the artist who created the new sign, Jorge Leyva. Executive Director of the Joplin Art District Linda Teeter says the project was a team effort.

“We were waiting for the design to come in, and we finally settled into the design sculpture by Jorge Leyva. And then I knew I was going to have to do fundraising, and I was willing to do that. But when I talked to the members of the family, they said how much, I told them, and they said we will each put in, and we will help fund this through a donation to you, Joplin Art District.”

The Joplin Arts District will also hold its final Art Walk of the season tonight in downtown Joplin from 5:30 to 8:30.


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