The weather is calm now, a good time plan for when it isn’t according to DCI

While the weather forecast might be sunny and calm this week, it’s an excellent time to consider when the forecast isn’t so stable. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

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Each September, the Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance raises awareness about preparing for disasters and emergencies.

This year, DCI is encouraging everyone to create an emergency plan, build an emergency kit, review their insurance coverage, and determine where you and your family will shelter based on the type of threat you are experiencing.

During a tornado, this may be your basement or a community storm shelter, but it may be underneath your kitchen table during an earthquake. Identify an out-of-state relative or point of contact who can help your household reconnect in case you are not together during an emergency or disaster.

Also, create an inventory of your belongings to properly account for all of your possessions and store this document in a safe place. Review this list annually to ensure all items are up-to-date. Anytime severe weather is forecasted, it’s important to stay informed and have multiple ways to receive weather alerts. Visit for more information.

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