Even with recent rain, SEKS and SWMO remain in serious drought

Photo by Deneen LT on Pexels.com

The National Drought Monitor released its updated map Thursday, and the good news is that there was little change from the monitor’s report from last week.

The bad news is that although southwest Missouri and southeast Kansas received rainfall over the past weekend, a significant portion of the area remains in severe or worse drought conditions.

Sizable parts of Jasper and Barton counties remain in extreme drought. The two counties are the only portions of Missouri that remain in extreme drought.

In contrast, southeast Kansas is fairing much worse, where Cherokee, Labette, and Montgomery are all entirely in extreme drought. And significant portions of Crawford, Neosho, and Wilson counties are in severe drought.

Over ten percent of Kansas, all located in western Kansas, have been designated in exceptional drought, the worst ranking used by the Drought Monitor. Overall, 96% of Kansas is under some drought classification. In comparison, only 46% of Missouri is considered to be in a drought.

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