Joplin city council unanimously approves pay increases for Police officers Tuesday night

Joplin city hall

Just over a month after, Joplin residents rejected a plan that would have increased property taxes by 17% to pay for police and fire salary increases and the construction of a new fire department downtown.

The Joplin city council, on an emergency basis Tuesday night, approved compensation increases for police officers only. Joplin city manager Nick Edwards speaking at the council meeting.

“I’m thankful to collaboratively work with the Fraternal Order of Police on a pay plan that’s incorporated within the collective bargaining agreement. The plan as outlined would grant on average about 11.7% pay increase for members of the FOP.”

The agreement police salary increases go into effect this Saturday and incorporates three percent wage increases annually for the five-year life of the contract. City Manager Edwards cited increased sales tax due to inflation, an expectation that the Northpark TIF will be paid off early and expenditure savings, or belt-tightening of the city’s budget.


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