Neosho City Council agrees to move forward with Liberty Electric Car Charging Grant App

Photo by dcbel on

The Neosho city council took a step Tuesday night towards installing electric vehicle charging stations downtown. The city council approved a motion that allows Neosho to apply for a grant from Liberty to assist in paying for the cost of three charging stations.

If the city is approved for the assistance and the city council agrees to go ahead with the program, they would support Level, One, Two, and Three car charging. Councilmember Angela Thomas questioned Liberty’s intentions behind the grants.

“With it being a grant, and we’re giving the opportunity to get these three units, what is the opportunity here? Is this half the price that it normally would be to install one, or what’s the incentive for a grant?”

The grant could allow the city to save thousands of dollars in upfront costs for purchasing and installing the Level 3 vehicle charging stations, which cost at least $22,000. If the stations are constructed, electric car drivers will pay between 19 and 23 cents per kilowatt hour to charge their car depending on the time of day.

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