ProMusica Joplin looks to launch a new season and welcome a modern home at the Cornell Complex

With the start of fall about a month, it’s that time of year when musicians and organizations launch their 2022 – 2023 schedules. That includes ProMusica Joplin, which is celebrating its 43rd season .

The non-profits first performance of the upcoming season is scheduled for Thursday, September 8, as they welcome the Sinta Quartet.

The woodwind group will play pieces that classical listeners will enjoy from Bach and Beethoven, but also more modern pieces. Executive Director of ProMusica Joplin, Emlyn Johnson, a flutist herself, says the Sinta Quartet has broad appeal.

“I think this is going to appeal to so many kinds of listeners and audiences. They’re really bringing everything from classical music to folk music; they’ve arranged for the ensemble to really contemporary new sounds.”

The Sinta Quartet performs September 8 at First Community Church at 2007 E. 5th Street in Joplin. The Schuman Quartet will perform ProMusica’s first concert at the nearly finished Cornell Complex on Tuesday, November 15.

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