Joplin city council approves minor increase in library tax, city tax levy remains unchanged from 2021

The Joplin city council has now met three consecutive weeks after holding a 17-minute special meeting Monday night.

Photo by Tara Winstead on

The meeting was so quick, in fact, that Mayor Doug Lawson was absent. The council unanimously approved two tax levies, one of which remained unchanged from 2021.

An outspoken critic of the city council Deborah Ferguson was in attendance and questioned why the board had to approve the levies on an emergency basis.

“I never hear of an emergency meeting to do something like a spending freeze, or cuts, or some kind of emergency measure to lower what the city is spending.”

The change in the tax levy is minor. For every $100,000 of residential or commercial assessed value, Joplin residents will pay a combined $79.90, an 11-cent increase over 2021, all of which is going to support the Joplin Public Library.

The remaining tax collection, $33.17 the city receives is unchanged from last year.

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