The Joplin city council looks to turn the page on Proposition Public Safety

It was a much more subdued meeting last night of the Joplin city council on the heels of the rejection two weeks ago of Proposition Public Safety. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

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At their previous meeting on August 1st, the day before, Joplin residents rejected the measure; it was an emotional scene with locals outraged at a possible new property tax.

And those pleading with their fellow citizens to pass the new tax to pay for higher salaries for police and fire staff. In the aftermath of the failed measure, city manager Nick Edwards and council members have sought to find new resources to pay for Joplin Police and Fire wage increases.

Edwards shared concerns about the proposition that he heard from voters. “The other thing we could do is to improve our city website to share key financial information about our audit and budget and other financial documents.”

The Joplin City Council will hold a special meeting next Monday at 5:45 to continue their discussions about expanding police and fire earnings.

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