Joplin city council handles the rejection of PPS; Stinnett says the council and city staff have to do better

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In their first regular session since Proposition Public Safety was soundly rejected two weeks ago, the Joplin city council met last night to discuss the community’s options to increase police and fire salaries organically.

That’s in addition to hiring a combination of 40 new police and fire personnel that a recent workload study indicated the city needed just to meet current demands. Long-time councilmember Phil Stinnett, known for being outspoken, shared his thoughts Monday about the current predicament the town finds itself in.

“We cannot keep throwing things back to the citizens before we resolve some of these issues and build some trust back. I have no problems standing up and telling anybody that I don’t believe we’ve ever misused funds in the 20 years I’ve been around here. And I’m sure that Mr. Shaw would probably echo that. But we’ve done a terrible job in communicating to the citizens.”

The council will hold a special work session to continue talks regarding increased fire and police wages next Monday night, starting at 5:45.

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