Kansas Senator Moran visits SEKS to announce a $3 million grant for PSU

Senator Jerry Moran visited Pittsburg State on the eve of primary day in Kansas. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Moron was in southeast Kansas to announce that PSU had been awarded a three million dollar grant for the university’s Tyler Research Center, home to the National Institute for Materials Advancement. “This grant of three million dollars is for Pittsburg State’s effort to take the research that is on-going here and to utilize it in a way that helps businesses locate, here, expand here, and use the technology that we learn from our academic, our science and our grants to meet the needs of consumers and people across the country.” Nearly one year to the day, on August 5 of last year, PSU’s Kansas Polymer Center received a different grant worth 1.4 million dollars. That funding went towards researching ways the plastics and polymers industry can assist local agriculture and the Farmers Accelerating Research in Materials Science program. PSU’s Polymer Science Initiative was launched in 2014.


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