Proposition Public Safety could reshape police and fire salaries in the Four States

Just one more day before voters in Kansas and Missouri decide crucial measures this primary season. In Joplin, residents will cast ballots on a measure that would increase property taxes to pay for improved public safety. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

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Nine million dollars. That’s the estimated amount Joplin city officials say would be raised by Proposition Public Safety.

The measure would increase property taxes in the community by about five times what they are today, from 17 cents for every 100 dollars of assessed value to $1.17. The additional funds would be strictly used for police and fire needs. Like nearly every other community, Joplin collects property taxes, but a substantial portion goes to funding Joplin Schools.

Last week at an informational meeting about the proposition, Joplin resident Rita Ball shared her thoughts after.

“Some questions were answered, some were not. But don’t ask me how I’m going to vote.”

If the proposition is approved, homeowners 65 years and older and disabled residents who earn less than $34,000 a year can get back up to $1,100. Renters can get a maximum of $750 through the Missouri property tax credit. To find your polling place, visit

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