Toder, barnstorming Missouri stops in Joplin, visits 10 city in four days

Primary day in Kansas and Missouri is now one week away. Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate Spencer Toder is among ten people running to be the general election candidate in November. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

(D) Spencer Toder

Toder, who has never run for any political office prior to his run for Senate, was in Joplin on Sunday evening, appearing with 7th District Congressional Democratic candidate Kristen Radeker-Shafer.

At the stop, he highlighted that Missouri has a nearly two billion dollar budget surplus, yet roughly one-quarter of public schools in Missouri are open four instead of five days a week. He says that’s a result of the Republican Super Majority in Jefferson City.

“My solution to this is federally funding education. What we see time and time again is every time things get pushed to the states, people in Red states suffer because the government wants to punish us because that’s how they stay in power. They tell us the government is broken, and you can only trust yourself and your gun, and they’re going to be the party that lets you keep your gun.”

Lucas Kunce and Trudy Busch Valentine are the other two frontrunners in the Democratic field. Primary day is Tuesday, August 2.

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