Missouri’s 7th District will have a new Congressperson; the field will narrow next week

(D) Kristen Radeker Shafer

The race for Missouri’s 7th Congressional District is wide open for the first time in a dozen years as six-term Congressman Billy Long is running for the U.S. Senate.

Joplin business owner Kristen Radeker Shafer is one of three Democrats running to be the general election nominee this November.

At an event Sunday with Democratic Senate hopeful Spencer Toder, Radaker Sheafer says she’s running so the 7th District will be more connected to their Congressperson.

“We need to make sure that constituents know their representatives are voting on and what they’re doing with their tax dollars. We need to make sure that Congress is working for the people. When they play partisan games for political gains, we’re the ones that lose.”

She’s taking on Democrats Bryce Lockwood and John Woodman. In contrast, eight Republicans are competing for their parties’ Congressional nomination. Primary day is Tuesday, August 2nd.


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