August 2 Joplin residents to decide third proposition in nine months

Photo by cottonbro on

Next Tuesday, August 2, Joplin residents will cast ballots on the city’s third proposition since last fall. Last November, they approved a use tax for online and brick-and-mortar retailers to be taxed at the same rate.

Earlier this year, Joplin residents rejected a 30 million dollar bond measure that would have paid to renovate Memorial Hall. Next week, they’ll decide whether to establish two new taxes bringing in nine million dollars annually.

Former Joplin Mayor Mike Siebert is co-chairman of the committee in support of Proposition Public Safety.

“If Proposition Public Safety passes, a lot of these officers, especially the ones that are starting, will start at about a 30 percent higher wage. And that will be a range that will hopefully get new officers here.”

If approved, in addition to hiring 22 new police officers, 18 firefighters, and a new Deputy Fire Marshall, the city would also construct a new downtown fire department. Election day is Tuesday, August 2.


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