Three Dem 7th District Primary Candidates, Three Different View Points Of Priorities And Backgrounds

Photo by cottonbro on

Southwest Missouri Democrats see a possible opening as long-time 7th District Congressman Billy Long shifted his attention this election season to running for the US Senate and not re-election to a 7th term.

This primary season three Democrats are running to be the general election candidate in November. Last night in Joplin, Kristen Radaker Sheafer, John Woodman, and Bryce Lockwood spoke at a town hall debate.

The candidates were asked several questions on current events, including what they thought were the causes of the US’s current inflation problems and what could Congress do to help? Bryce Lockwood suggested that his time in the military would be an asset.

“Right now, the major cause of inflation is the Soviet or Russian invasion of Ukraine. I spent 13 years in the Marine Corps; I was a Russian Linguist, so that area of the world is a little of my expertise.”

On the Republican side, eight candidates are vying to take on the winner of the Democratic primary. Between both parties, three women are running in the 7th District primary. A woman has never represented the district. Primary day in Missouri is Tuesday, August 2.


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