Teachers Wanted: Crowder College and MSSU create alliance to help grow profession

MSSU’s Lorinda Hackett

Missouri’s teacher shortage is well-known. Last year, the Missouri Department of Secondary and Elementary Education estimated that five percent or about 3,600 positions of its educator workforce were unqualified, or the positions were simply unfilled.

To help grow the number of people seeking a career in education, officials from Crowder College in Neosho and Missouri Southern State University in Joplin signed a pact Tuesday creating a pathway for teacher-education students. Lorinda Hackett, interim dean of the College of Health, Life Science and Education speaking Tuesday.

“This relationship with Crowder has actually been a very, very, strong relationship. The critical part with the two + two programs is that it does provide absolutely seamless transfer, and that way students can complete their four degrees in four years.”

The program starts this fall and will include certifications in Secondary Education in Business, Social Science with a History Emphasis, or Social Science Education with an International and Political Affairs Emphasis, and more.

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