The Kohistani family says they are being kept in the dark regarding investigation into their child’s death

On Thursday, candlelight vigils were held in four states to remember and continue the call for justice for a 14-year-old Webb City teenager who was found dead earlier this year. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Photo by Rahul Sapra on

Supporters of the Afghan community and the resettled family of Rezwan Kohistani gathered in Webb City and Kansas City, Salt Lake, Utah, New Haven, Connecticut, Hayward, San Diego, and Sacramento, California in a renewed effort to shed light on the teenager’s death.

Kohistani was found hanging on May 5 under the bleachers of the Webb City high school baseball field. According to a video message recorded by Rezwan’s father, Lemar Kohistani, and shared Wednesday by the family’s lawyer, when he was alerted that his son had committed suicide, he thought he was being teased.

And that Webb City police did not allow Lemar Kohistani to see his son’s body because it had already been transported to an area hospital for examination.

In previous statements, Webb City police chief Don Melton said it would take up to eight weeks for Rezwan Kohistani’s toxicology report to determine a final cause of death. Kohistani’s body was found over nine weeks ago, and no update has been provided on how he died.

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