Rezwan Kohistani’s Father speaks out about lack of information from Webb City school district and police department regarding investigation into his son’s death

Supporters and activists gathered last night in Webb City to continue raising awareness and press for more information regarding the death of 14-year Rezwan Kohistani. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Rezwan’s body was found on May 5, hanging under the bleachers at the baseball field at Webb City high school. On Wednesday, the lawyer for the Kohistani family released a short subtitled video on Facebook of Rezwan’s father, Lemar Kohistani, speaking in his native Persian.

Kohistani said in the video quote, “It’s been 11 months since we are in the United States. And I have faced a painful accident that is unfathomable for any human being. It has been over two months since I lost my son Rezwan Jan Kohistani.” Unquote.

Supporters also gathered in Kansas City, Salt Lake City, New Haven, Connecticut, Sacramento, San Diego, and Hayward, California.

In late May, Webb City police chief Don Melton said that it would take up to eight weeks to get the results of Kohistani’s toxicology results to announce an official cause of death. The teen’s body was found nine weeks ago, and no update has been provided.


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