City of Pittsburg announces they will not allow audience members at abortion amendment forum on Wednesday

This afternoon in a press release the city of Pittsburg announced that they would NOT host Wednesday July 13 forum with an audience.

Pittsburg Law Enforcement Center

After careful consideration and consultation with law enforcement, the City of Pittsburg has made the decision to host the “August 2, 2022: Day of Decision,” forum without a live audience. The event has been shifted from an in-person event to a live-streamed event.

The forum will still take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 13 in the meeting room of the Pittsburg Law Enforcement Center at 201 N. Pine St. in Pittsburg.

The City of Pittsburg is committed to providing an environment where event organizers can facilitate a safe, productive presentation by each panelist.

Over the weekend it appeared that audience members were going to be allowed to attend if they followed guidelines.


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