Several topics discussed Monday night at quick Webb City council meeting

A new national chain restaurant will NOT be coming to Webb City for the time being. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Photo by Chris F on

On Monday, council members from Webb City met and discussed city business, including that the city’s recycling bins will soon be relocated from their downtown location, where people put trash into them to the city’s wastewater plant where they will be behind a locked gate.

Also, officials with Webb City’s Cruiseapoolza, which starts on Friday, July 8, at King Jack Park, say that they have over 70 vendors signed up to attend.

Also, the developer of a proposed Whataburger location that was to be constructed on Madison between 7th and 8th street has pulled their application and are NOT moving forward with the project. But a new grocery store and golf facility will likely soon be constructed on East Road, north of the Sleep Inn.


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