Neosho CC approves self-serve kiosk system to pay city bills

In the near future, Neosho residents will have a new convenient, in-person way to pay their city bills. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Earlier this week, the Neosho city council discussed whether the community should add utility payment kiosks as an alternative to in-person and online bill pay.

The booth would support paying utility bills, court fines and tickets, and RV camping payments. Neosho’s Financial Director Leslie Frost spoke Tuesday night about the city’s two bids for this project.

“The AdComp that came in came in at $49,126 as a total installed cost. The CityBase system came in at $39,600. While AdComp is slightly higher, it saves money in the long run for the annual fees.”

The city council voted seven to zero in favor of the AdComp system. The self-serve kiosk will be available for payments 24/7 and is expected to be installed at city hall in the next 10 to 12 weeks. And there will still be a drop box if you want to pay by check and avoid the kiosk fees.


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