Conversations continue regarding whether Crowder will pay Neosho to practice at its city owned golf course

Photo by Nadim Shaikh on

This week the Neosho City Council continued their discussions over whether the newly formed Crowder College Golf team should be able to play practice rounds at no cost at Neosho’s Municipal Golf Course.

Currently, the city waives fees for Crowder College’s golf team members. The agreement includes clubs, carts, and balls. Mayor Pro Tem Richard Davidson shared his thoughts Tuesday about whether the city should continue this practice.

“It seems like sometimes there are things, the city can donate that. The city should do this. Oh, it’s for education; it should be free. I wonder what kind of message we send to members?”

In previous meetings, Davidson expressed a desire for Crowder to pay fees, similar to Missouri Southern’s agreement with Twin Hills Country Club. No changes were made at Tuesday night’s meeting, and conversations with representatives from Crowder will continue.


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