A centrist Republican, Richards is authentically herself in 2nd race for Missouri’s 7th Congressional District

We are 40 days away from primary day in Missouri, on Tuesday, August 2nd. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro reports that one female Republican candidate in Missouri’s 7th Congressional District race is trying to distance herself from the pack.

(R) Audrey Richards

A total of 11 candidates, three Democrats, and eight Republicans, are running to fill Misosuri’s 7th District seat that Billy Long has held for a dozen years.

In 2019 first time candidate Audrey Richards ran as an independent. This year, Richards is back as a Republican, and she’s trying to differentiate herself from the predominantly older white, male, conservative field.

“I’m quite a bit younger. There are a lot of people who talk down to me. They’ll kind of talk down to me sometimes. I don’t want to say a lot, but there have been times, but we’ve been at events, and people do like a little, pat, pat, it’s not your time kind of thing.”

Richards, born in Joplin and lives in Kimberling City, is running on a platform of strengthening public education, expanding rural internet, and reinvesting in the United States Postal Service. Primary day is Tuesday, August 2nd.

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