Conversations continue on reshuffling 1st floor of Joplin city hall

Stairway of the Newman building, also know as Joplin city hall

The first floor and mezzanine of Joplin city hall could be getting a redo. On Monday night, city staff presented the council with an estimate of $316,000 to pay for a reorganization that would make the area more visitor and resident-friendly.

The restructuring was suggested by residents as a part of City Manager Nick Edward’s Listening Tour two years ago.

One person who is not a fan of the project is council member Phil Stinnett, who voiced his opposition Monday.

“We work so hard, and we talk so much about preserving the history of Joplin. The council elected to put a much of money on the roof to help maintain the Oliva apartments. Historic preservation is extremely important.”

The current home of Joplin city hall was constructed by the Newman Brothers in 1910 and served as a department store until 1972. The city of Joplin purchased the location in 2003 and spent three million dollars on renovations.

No decisions were made Monday night, and conversations are ongoing.


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