State auditor finds misappropriation and missing monies in Purcell, Missouri

State Auditor Nicole Galloway

On Thursday, Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released a public statement about a recent audit of the town of Purcell. The audit found significant weaknesses that led to misappropriation.

It also found that from February 1 to April 12 of last year, at least $3,233 was misappropriated or missing from the city. During this time, the former Mayor Pro Tem, Nancy Wilson, improperly issued herself four checks totaling $1,988, also withdrew $400 in cash from the city bank account, issued a $200 check to a city vendor that she endorsed and deposited into her personal bank account, and issued a $500 check to an individual that was cashed and the proceeds then divided evenly between the individual and Wilson.

That led to Wilson being charged in May of last year with stealing in Jasper County. She entered a guilty plea in January 2022 and was ordered to repay the city $2,588. The State Auditor’s Office worked with the Jasper County Sheriff on the matter. The audit ultimately found that Purcell, Missouri is in poor financial condition.


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