Pittsburg, KS receives federal grants for law enforcement and new wastewater treatment plant

Pittsburg, KS Chief of Police Brent Narges

The Pittsburg Police Department will receive over $300,000 in federal grants to update their technology and train their officers. Kansas Senator Jerry Moran was in Pittsburg on Friday to announce at the Beard Shanks Law Enforcement Center.

Pittsburg Chief of Police Brent Narges was on-hand Friday to speak about the upgrades the grant will provide. “The first of which will be the replacement of our existing tasers. Our current equipment is somewhat antiquated to some degree. The technology is about ten years old. The second part of this is really a training component of this overall project. It’s really called the Axon VR training platform.”

It was also announced that the city of Pittsburg will receive a 3.5 million dollar federal grant to assist in building a new wastewater treatment facility.

The current plant was constructed in 1952. The new plant, which could be finished by as early as 2024, will cost as much as 40 million dollars.


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