PSU holds online-only event for Memorial Day; Veteran’s show-up expecting an in-person ceremony

Photo by Brett Sayles on

This year, the annual Memorial Day remembrance at Pittsburg State, held outdoors at the university’s Veterans Memorial Amphitheater, was a virtual event.

The commemoration included remarks from two-time PSU graduate Kirby Brown. Brown is also a 40-year veteran of military and federal service.

Army veteran Jerry Waltrip was one of a handful of people who showed up at PSU’s Amphitheater on Monday morning, expecting an in-person Memorial Day ceremony. Jerry shared why remembering the day was vital to him.

“I had Uncles and cousins who served in World War II, all of them came back, but I remember the sadness of my Aunts, Cousins, all of that.”

Jerry served in the Army on active duty from 1956 until 1958. Then later served in the Army Reserve from 1958 to 1962.

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