Pittsburg State President Steve Scott is ready to ‘step-off’ lifelong career at university

Later this week, Pittsburg State President Steve Scott will step down after 13 years. Scott announced that he would leave the role last summer. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Scott has been connected to Pittsburg State since the early 1970s when he graduated with a BA in mathematics in 1973.

After completing a master’s degree in math at Oklahoma State four years later, he earned an educational specialist’s degree from PSU in 1984 and a doctorate in education from Oklahoma State University in 1990.

Post-graduation, Scott started a 30+ year career at PSU. On Monday, Scott shared his thoughts on stepping down as President.

“This job is complicated. My brother has often said, of course, ran Walmart for ten years says these jobs are like being on a bucking bronco. Either you’re going to get thrown off. Or you’re going to step off. And the goal is to step off.”

Lee Scott served as Walmart’s third president and CEO from 2000 until 2009, also graduating from Pittsburg State. The Scott family is from Baxter Springs, Kansas. Steve Scott’s final day as PSU’s President on campus is this Friday.

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