City council approves wage increases for city employees in Webb City

Employers throughout the US have had a difficult time hiring over the past two years plus years. On Monday, the Webb City city council approved a salary increase in an effort to retain their employees.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

The discussion and vote on a cost of living increase were already on the agenda during Monday night’s Webb City city council meeting.

Two percent was the proposed COLA increase, and even before the vote, members of the city council and Mayor Lynn Ragsdale conceded that the increase was lower than they would have liked to approve. Cost of living increases are around five percent, not including merit raises.

Councilmember Jim Dawson spoke in favor of increasing the salary increase to 3.125 percent. He argued that the city could afford the salary growth.

City Administrator Carl Francis said the COLA increase from 2 percent to 3.125 would cost the city about $90,000 more annually. On a voice vote, the council approved the 3.125 percent salary increase.


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