Parson signs new Congressional map into law

Missouri officially has a congressional map for the August primary. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro on more.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed the new map into law Wednesday. If you think it looks familiar, you’re right. It’s the same map that was proposed six months ago, though state legislators waited until the final hours of the 2022 Legislative Session to come to an agreement on it.

Previous and unsuccessful versions of Missouri congressional attempted to split more Democratic leaning Kansas City in order to give Republicans a better shot of political success this August. In the southern part of Polk county was formerly part of the 7th District, it’s now a part of the 4th.

Also, Crawford and Washington counties in the eastern part of Missouri were a part of the 8th District, but now they are a part of a third district that encircles the 2nd from all sides. GOP legislators did this in an effort to strengthen Republican control ahead of midterm elections. The new map maintains the Republican 6 to 2 Congressional majority.


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