Kristen Radaker-Sheafer (D), candidate for Missouri’s 7th Congressional District, looks to bring small business expertise and experience to Congress

We are 76 days away from Primary day in (both Kansas and) Missouri. And the political landscape for Missouri’s 7th District has dramatically changed from two years ago. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Kristen Radaker-Sheafer (D)

Democratic Congressional nominee Teresa Montseny cruised through primary season without a single challenger in 2010. Republican and incumbent Billy Long crushed his Democratic competitor by over 42 percent in the General election earning another two-year term, his sixth.

The Democrats have three Primary hopefuls facing off this time around. Kristen Radaker-Shafer is on the ticket. A first-time candidate from Joplin and a small business owner who describes herself this way.

“I would say I’m just left of center probably. I grew up in Oklahoma. I speak fluent Republican. And I think the way Democrats describe Republicans is not accurate. I think the way Republicans describe Democrats is also not accurate. But there is some truth to some of it.”

Radaker-Sheafer is taking on Republicans turned Democrats Bryce Lockwood and John Woodman in the Democratic primary. The final day to register to vote in the primary is July 6. Primary day is Tuesday, August 2.


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