Judge approves Evans’s request for a recount in Joplin city council election

Later this week, we could find out the results of Brian Evans’ recount effort for a seat on the Joplin city council. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Brian Evans

13 votes separate Brian Evans and Josh DeTar for a two-year general council seat on the Joplin city council. On Friday, Jasper County Judge Gayle Crane cleared the way for county clerks in Jasper and Newton county to conduct the recount.

Over a month ago, on April 12, Evans held a press conference on the steps of the Joplin police department to announce the recount effort with supporters, friends, and family in attendance.

At the time, Evans said that he had heard of quote, numerous irregularities from voters and that the people of Joplin deserved to know for certain what the outcome of the election truly was.” unquote.

A candidate can request a recount if the margin of victory is less than 1%. In this case, the margin was .13%.


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