PSU employees likely to see salary increases this summer

Two years ago, early on in the pandemic, the State of Kansas announced salary freezes for many of its employees at state universities. It was undetermined how harmful COVID-19 would affect states’ college and university enrollment and finances.

Earlier this week, at a town hall held by Pittsburg State University, CFO and Vice President for Administration at PSU Doug Ball announced that most employees would see a pay increase of 4.75 percent.

“Right, if we start at the top, the vast majority of employees are in those groups, they are going to benefit from that big slice of the pool, and so they are going to see a 4.75% increase. Most of you in the room and most of you online are likely going to find yourself in that category.”

Ball also announced that a tiny number of Pittsburg State employees would receive salary increases higher than 4.75%. To help pay for the raises, PSU is proposing a 1.3% rise in tuition, and a 1.8% increase in fees this fall. Both are subject to approval by the Kansas Board of Regents.


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