Joplin city council members push for higher police and fire salaries, but what about the remainder of city employees?

Joplin city council member Phil Stinnett

Link for presentation about Joplin Police and Fire salary increases

Link to pass Joplin city council meeting agendas

8.5 million dollars. That is the approximate gap between the current salaries of Joplin’s Police and Fire staff and the new wage scale proposed last week at the formal meeting of the Joplin city council.

On Monday night, the city council held an over four-hour work session that covered many topics, including how much to increase police and fire salaries and how to pay for them. The current proposals include adding Personal and Property Taxes, which Joplin does not currently collect.

Councilmember Phil Stinnett shared his thoughts Monday about how the wage increases and it could affect morale in other city departments. “I have real concerns about what this program is going to do for the rest of our employees. And where we’re going to find the money to do for them what this plan is doing for public safety.”

Stinnett went on to highlight that the proposed top-level salary for a Joplin Police Corporal would be higher than the city’s prosecutor and Joplin infrastructure superintendent. Joplin voters could see the property and general tax increase in just a few months on the August 2nd Primary ballot.


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