Joplin city council is updated on 2022 key initiatives by city staff

Link to Monday night’s presentation

The Joplin city council has been busy since elections just over one month ago. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Dan Johnson
​Assistant Director of Public Works – Engineering

The council, which added three new members in mid-April, was provided with the fiscal year 2022 Key Initiative Update Monday night. The 49-slide presentation covered every sector of Joplin city government.

From well profile individuals such as the city manager and departments like police and fire to the conditions of the city’s sanitary sewer system.

Zone Four Council Member Mark Farnham had this question for Assistant Director of Public Works in Engineering Dan Johnson.

“Does the sanitary sewer system empty upstream or downstream of the Joplin water system, and does it matter? If I had the choice. If I had to drink, I would choice downstream because I’m very familiar with the quality of the water that comes out of our wastewater treatment plants.”

Joplin has two sewer plants at Shoal and Turkey creeks that combined have the capacity to treat 21.5 million gallons of waste daily. The work session ran over four hours.


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