13-month Joplin Police Reallocation study dives headfirst into city’s law enforcement resources

Click this link for the reallocation study.

Three weeks ago today, city and municipal elections were held in Missouri, and Joplin residents elected two new council members that made law enforcement their number one campaign priority.

Kate Spencer and Mark Farnham, along with the remaining seven city council members, were presented with a 64-page Joplin Police Reallocation Study last night.

Tim Freesmeyer with Etico System conducted the study and laid out some of his findings on Monday night.

“We said earlier that we have to anticipate an average of 100.5 hours per day of reactive workload. If we divided that by the shift length of 8.45 hours, that’s the shift length minus the administrative time, we see that the agency needs to field 11.89 units per day. Now please keep in mind that is minimal staffing.”

Among other topics, the study looked at every call over six years, from 2016 to 2021. The study took 13 months to complete.


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