Plenty to discuss tonight in Cardinal country for the Webb City city council

The Webb City Council will meet tonight. On the agenda are repairs to three bridges damaged by last week’s storm. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Photo by Brian Forsyth on

According to the Webb City Administrators report available on the city’s website at a bridge on West Broadway, one at 7th and Chesterfield, and the Zora Street bridge east of Madison all experienced damage from last Thursday’s heavy rainfall.

The report details that bridges remain usable, but repairs are a priority and should be made no later than this summer.

Also, the city council tonight will likely vote on a repeal of Webb City’s ban against aerial fireworks. In previous meetings, council members have shared their thoughts on the inability of the city’s police department to respond to the large number of phone calls due to aerial fireworks during the Fourth of July.

The council is also likely to discuss a 26% increase in Webb City’s Workers Compensation Carrier premiums estimated to cost the town an additional $65,000 this year. Minutes from the council meeting held on April 11 indicate city officials had prior knowledge of the increase. However, the city hasn’t yet stated publicly how they will pay for the over $60,000 gain.

Webb City’s finance committee meets today at 4:30, while the city council meeting starts at 5:30. Both sessions will be held at city hall.

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