General city council seat candidate Joplin’s Brian Evans requests recount

City and municipal elections were held throughout Missouri last week, with new city council members, mayors, and judges sworn in on Monday.

Joplin General Council Seat Candidate Brian Evans announced Monday on the steps of Joplin’s Police Department that he intended to petition for a recount. Josh DeTar edged Evans out by 13 votes for a two-year term on the council. Evans spoke Monday,

“Today, I’m officially requesting a recount. 13 votes that separate me and my closest opponent will be well below the one percent margin of error. And numerous reported irregularities from voters, the people of Joplin deserve to know for certain what the outcome of this election truly is.”

Evans acknowledged that he would have to pay out-of-pocket costs for the recount. Missouri law allows for a petition of a recount if an election is decided by less than one percent. Unofficial results show DeTar defeated Evans by just point 13 percent (.13%), of one percent (1%).


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