April 5, 2022 Joplin Election Results

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Click this link for Jasper County election results

Click this link for Newton County election results

The fate of Joplin’s Memorial Hall now faces a more uncertain future. On Tuesday, voters rejected a 30-million-dollar bond that would have renovated the nearly 100-year-old building. 54.4% voted no, with a 464-vote margin of victory.

Meanwhile, General council seat candidate Kate Spencer leads all candidates with 2,812 votes or 25.6% of the count in Joplin city council elections. Incumbent Doug Lawson won another term on the council, coming in second with 2,607 votes, or 23.7% of the electorate. Spencer and Lawson earned four-year terms.

While newcomer Josh DeTar won a two-year term on the city council, coming in third with 2.339 votes, or 21.3% of the electorate.

And in Joplin’s Zone Four, Diane Reid Adams’ time on the city council has come to an end; another first-time candidate Mark Farnham earned 53.6% or 2,307 votes to defeat Reid Adams for a four-year commitment.

In the race for Joplin school board, David Weaver leads all candidates with 36.5% of the vote or 3,043 votes. Donnie Greenlee will join Weaver on the board; he earned 25.1% of the vote, or 2,094.

All results are unofficial. The next elections are the primaries on Tuesday August 2.


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