Webb City city government hasn’t updated city council minutes or agenda as required by state law

*******03/30/2022 UPDATE*******

It appears that Webb City, MO has updated their website to city council minutes and agenda from January and February of 2022. Although the site is still missing information from the three meetings that took place in March of this year.

The city also needs to publish the minutes and agenda for their upcoming meeting on Monday April 11, no later than 5:30 pm on Sunday April 10. State law requires that cities in Missouri publish the time and date of city council meetings no later than 24-hours in advance of the meeting.

Also, note that most of councils 2020 agendas are not available online. And there is no information available from 2019. Also, the site is void of agendas or minutes from earlier than 2017.

We’re less than a week away from municipal elections in Missouri, and it appears that one southwest Missouri community has broken the state’s Sunshine Law for more than a year. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

If you visit any city government website in Missouri, one common feature is a tab for the City Council Minutes and Agenda. It contains upcoming agenda items, links to planned presentations during the council meeting, and information about city contracts.

Yet, if you visit Webb City’s website at webbcitymo.org, the latest update to the city’s agenda and minutes was on March 8, 2021, over a year. Missouri’s Sunshine Law was first passed in 1973 and has been updated to reflect the changes in technology. In addition to posting city council agendas and minutes, the city must publish at least 24 hours in advance the date and time of their next meeting.

According to the law, if a court finds that a public governmental body has violated the Sunshine Law, it could subject a member or body to a civil fine of $500 and pay all costs and reasonable attorney fees to any party successfully establishing a violation. Next Tuesday, Webb Citians will decide whether to re-elect Lynn Ragsdale for another three-year term, he’s taking on council member Jonathon Schull.

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