Over 40 years in the making, is now the time Joplin residents will pay for a reconstructed Memorial Hall?

In just 11 days, residents throughout Missouri will go to the polls and vote in city and municipal elections. That includes whether Joplin’s Memorial Hall should be completely renovated with the help of a 30 million dollar bond.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

Passing the bond and rehabilitating the building are significant hurdles, but how will the city ensure that Memorial Hall doesn’t fall into disrepair once again?

According to Audie Dennis speaking Thursday at the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce, the city will establish a type of savings account to ensure proper upkeep of the hall with the bond’s passage. “One of the major advantages we have now is that Memorial Hall is now on the National Register of Historic Buildings. Which allows the city to issue tax credits. The city itself cannot use the tax credits, but what they can do they can sell those tax credits, put that money in a fund so that they there are always funds available to be able to do the long term maintenance of the building.”

Due to safety concerns, the hall has been closed to the public for the better part of two years.

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