Is a redesigned Memorial Hall right for Joplin in 2022? The JACC says yes

Photo by Element5 Digital on

The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Thursday continued to get their message out to Joplin residents to vote Yes on Question 1 on April 5th’s ballot. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

Consider this, when the last major renovation of Joplin’s Memorial Hall got underway in 1976, the former icon of downtown Joplin, the Connor Hotel, was still standing.

It collapsed and was demolished in November of 1978. Community Historian Brad Belk speaking Thursday, asking residents for their support in passing the 30-million-dollar bond measure. “Today, we are asking the citizens of Joplin to give Memorial Hall another 100 years of life. To modernize the structure and make it relevant for Today and beyond. We can save and refurbish this historic landmark while adding to the revitalization of our downtown residential and commercial district.”

If approved, upgrades to the hall would include new multi-purpose meeting rooms and guest suites and new balcony levels concessions. You can view photos of what the new proposed Memorial Hall would look like at

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