Joplin city council candidates call for Police & Fire salary increases; Councilmember Stinnett says, do your homework first

The final Joplin city council meeting was held Monday night prior to city and municipal elections on April 5. KRPS’s Fred Fletcher-Fierro has more.

It’s not uncommon during election season that candidates for city council pledge to increase police officers’ salaries if elected. It holds true this season.

Joplin City Councilmember Phil Stinnett

That includes Joplin city council General seat candidate Brian Evans speaking Monday night at the city council meeting. “It takes the will and fortitude to put our cities precious financial resources behind our brave men and women, some our standing behind us today.” The increased pressure on the city council comes on the heels of two Joplin Police officers being shot and killed during an incident two weeks ago.

Joplin city council candidate Brian Evans

After the public comment portion of the city council meeting, long-time council member Phil Stinnett had this reminder. “Not too long back, the police group took a vote, and they voted to go to collective bargaining. And collective bargaining means that the council has the final decision, but they have to go through collective bargaining before something is brought to us.” Joplin officials Monday confirmed they are currently engaged in wage increase negotiations with the city’s police and fire staff.


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