Organizers of ArtCon in Neosho looking forward to 2023

Just over one month ago, the Neosho Arts Council held their annual ArtCon celebrating everything from Pop Culture to Cosplay and even video game and podcast development. Janet Penn, Director of the Neosho Arts Council, was on hand at the Neosho City Council meeting Tuesday night to provide an update regarding the event.

Penn is encouraged by the event’s growth from a visitor’s perspective and new vendors. “We’ve had a lot of brand new vendors this year that we have not had in the past. We expect the older vendors that we’ve had in the past to be back again. 17% of our vendors we’re even able to get here. Or I think we’d have vendors from five states.”

Penn said that ArtCon 2022 brought out about 1,000 visitors for the one-day event. And that the Neosho Art Council has already booked Neosho Junior High School for Artcon 2023, which will take place in early February of next year.


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