Joplin city council candidate Jon Buck calls Memorial Hall vital to community

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Next July, Joplin’s Memorial Hall will mark 100 years since construction started on the site, honoring the men and women of Joplin who served in the military. The hall could also be front and center in this year’s city council election. In addition to Joplin, voters electing five council members will also decide whether the city should raise property taxes to pay for a 30 million improvement of the hall.

City council candidate Jon Buck says Memorial Hall is vital to the community. “The bond issue is going to help for that. And I do believe that we do need to have that here. We need to have the Memorial Hall in that. To invest money in that and subsidize some kind of entertainment to help compete with the multimillion-dollar entertainment facilities that are set right outside our city limits.”

Buck, a business owner himself, also says that he’ll work to make city hall more business-friendly if elected. Absentee voting in Missouri opened last Friday. In-person voting takes place Tuesday, April 5.

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