Joplin city council candidate Brian Evans says city should have a higher focus on police and fire services

Tuesday, April 5th, is just around the corner, also known as election day throughout Missouri. While statewide and national elections receive a lot more buzz, there are local races that likely have more of an impact on your daily life. That includes the race for Joplin city council.

Three general seats are open, and five candidates are running. Candidates include John Buck, Kate Spencer, Josh DeTar, Doug Lawson, and Brian Evans. If elected, Brian says one of his main focuses will be improving Joplin’s police and fire services. “One of the biggest things I’ve been concerned about is the safety and security of our city. I’ve seen the crime rate, the property crime rate has skyrocketed to where it’s more than double what the state average is. And the violent crime rate is even higher than the state average.” Brian has been a teacher at McKinley elementary school in Joplin for 12 years. Before teaching, he spent a handful of years managing restaurants.


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