City council candidate Brian Evans on the future of Joplin’s Memorial Hall

Joplin’s Memorial Hall

The topic of Joplin’s Memorial Hall will no doubt be debated by whoever is elected to fill the open seats on the Joplin city council on Tuesday, April 5. In addition to Joplin residents casting their ballots for new council members, they will also decide the fate of a 30-million-dollar bond issue to reconstruct and improve the Memorial Hall.

First-time city council candidate Brian Evans says that he’s been paying closer attention to the hall’s future in recent months. “I have some heavy concerns about it because the Memorial Hall is. Well, now it’s a 30-million-dollar project because of the parking lot; they’re going to have to buy up buildings around it. And with inflation and with the cost of goods, and services, and building expenses and everything. (I’m) not quite sure that it’s going to be able to pass. People aren’t willing; I don’t think part with more property tax.”

Evans is one of five candidates running to fill three general council seats; other candidates include Jon Buck, Kate Spencer, Josh DeTar, and Doug Lawson. Election day is Tuesday, April 5.


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