Scammers looking to make easy money are looking to take advantage of Ukrainian conflict

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When a natural disaster or a conflict breaks out in the world, the first thing many of us consider is how you can help. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has many people, both in the US and internationally, considering that question. Before donating, regardless of the amount, the Better Business Bureau suggests you research the non-profit or charitable organization to determine whether they are accredited and have passed the BBB’s 20 Standards for Charitable Accountability.

Stephanie Garland of the Better Business Bureau tells us more. “The Better Business Bureau actually holds charities to a higher standard. So it has 20 standards of accreditation, so that’s many more than businesses have. So some of those talk about really specific things. Like program expenses, fundraising expenses, an audit report, a budget plan, truthful materials.”

The Better Business Bureau warns of red flags such as organizations claiming that 100% of your contribution will be spent on relief. Visit for links to organizations accredited by the BBB and passed their 20 point charitable giving test.

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